First stirrings

Been a big day today, newswise. India defeated Pak by 87 runs in that proxy-war called cricket. Fun to watch too, this jung. Although, if I watch it too long, India starts losing. Saw the match from Yuvraj's wicket to Balaji's. Long enough to know better than to jinx my side.

What else happened? Not much.
- 34.7% of Indians earned less than Rs 45 ($1) today. I spend Rs. 50 on my dinner+tip on average everyday.
- 1% of Indians and Pakistanis born today won't live to be 5.
- 38% of Pakistani children under 5 were malnourished in 1995. Nobody's come around to check after that.

Oh, and both are buying nuclear-capable F-16s from that cash-starved defender of the free-world.

Can't wait for the second ODI to begin!


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